Hadacol Tremblers release their first full album “Pills & Powder”

“Pills & Powder” is now available on 12” vinyl and on all streaming platforms. 

The album contains two self-written songs and ten songs by well-known and lesser-known heroes from the rich western swing repertoire.

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Hadacol Trembers are a modern day combo based in Antwerp (Belgium) inspired by Western Swing, the sound that swept Texas dancehalls in the thirties and forties. Initially a marriage of old time fiddle music and hot jazz, it evolved into a unique melting pot of genres, unlike anything before or after. Four fellow roots musicians from Belgium took up the challenge to bring the sound of the early days back to life. Turning tricks on fiddle, guitar, banjo, lap steel and upright bass, this music gets hot, the songs hit hard and dancing is inevitable. Their repertoire consists of tunes by the likes of Bob Wills (the King of Western Swing), Milton Brown, the Farr Brothers, Merle Travis, and many more. Join the party and learn all about that Hadacol Boogie on one of their upcoming shows!

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Upcoming Gigs:

18/4 Chatleroi, Antwerpen
22/6 CC Het Gasthuis, Aarschot

4/7 De Baron, Tienen

6/7 Sjock festival, Gierle
23/8 Minigolf Beatrijs, Antwerpen

24/8 Sprok, Anderlecht

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Hadacol Tremblers is a Western Swing band based in Antwerp, Belgium. 

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